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Alco Food Machines GmbH

The company ALCO-FOOD-MACHINES GMBH was founded in 1977 by merchants Heinz und Gertrud Algra.

Since several years the company ALCO-FOOD-MACHINES GMBH & CO. KG sells its own machinery program worldwide, out of Germany via fix agents in the appropriate countries.

This family business is with Nicole Algra as well as Thomas and Isabelle Kleine-Ausberg (born Algra) already in 2nd Generation.Most modern technique for quality products is the aim of the company. Function and quality are the main aspects as well as a consequent investigation which led to alco`s success.

As one of the leading companies in the worldwide market, Alco-food-machines GmbH & Co. KG relies on consistent and practical research in this sector. The focus for the company’s development and its products is state-of-the-art technology, optimal functionality, high-quality customer requirements and of course the customer’s wishes.

Some of the best products in coating, Fryers and Freezers are made by this leading company.

Application Areas:

Confectionary production
Milk production and cheese-making
Dough and baked goods

Alco Food

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