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POSS has been marketing this proven line of mechanical separators for the last 36 years. With close to 1000 machines running in more than 58 countries worldwide, 200+ installations in the USA alone, and more than 50 + in each of the former East Bloc countries, Asia/ Australia/ New Zealand, and Brazil / Argentina / Uruguay and Chile, POSS is truly the global industry leader in Quality Separation Solutions.

More than 500 of these machines are designed to process conventional chicken mechanical deboning. 100+ more are running turkey deboning, primarily making USDA Ground Turkey from bone in turkey drums. The remainder were sold for pork deboning and beef shank de-sinewing, as well as various niche applications including pork skin de-fatting and boney trim to recover high value coarse ground product.

From 250 kg / 500 lbs/hr (10 hp / 7.5 kW) to 17,000+ kg / 40,000+ lbs/hr (150 hp / 113 kW) input capacities, POSS machines cover the full spectrum of separation applications. With unmatched throughputs and yields, no pre-breaking, and low temperature rise, can you really afford NOT to be running a POSS?


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