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Weber for more than three decades has served red meat, pork, poultry and cheese processors from around the globe, with our solutions enabling a strong customer-base on all continents to accomplish maximum efficiency. Our experience and in-house manufacturing of virtually all machine components has allowed Weber – from its headquarters in Germany to virtually anywhere in the world – to be uniquely positioned to create ideal customer- and product-specific applications. Our unmatched ability to work efficiently with all packaging machinery makes Weber a valuable resource to assist in the custom design of your entire production line.

Renowned for unsurpassed throughput, trouble-free performance and hygienic operation that is demonstrably superior, Weber is recognized as the world leader in the design and manufacturing of highly sophisticated Slicing Systems that appreciably add great value for processors of all sizes. In addition to our slicers and our own strong brand of both standardized and customized Weber Durablades, we manufacture a broad offering of skinning and derinding machines that make quick work of removing fat, rinds, skins and tendons from meat, while reducing product waste to near zero. Our second-to-none approach of integrating smart and efficient Weber Food Robotics means an additional plus in profit that you can clearly feel in your daily operations.

Weber Slicing

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